Our Mission

As responsible global citizens, we strive to give back to society. Doing so through our School is the primary goal of the association.

As an Alumni it is an honour and privilege to be able to reinvest a little from what we have received from the School. Individual efforts and contributions are commendable. But, as a group, we can achieve much more. A diverse group can explore different avenues towards extensive contribution.

That said, giving is not finances alone. The entirety of philanthropy is never money. It thrives on much more. Our talents, resources and connections can build the future generation of our nation.

To begin with, we need to create a corpus. The life membership fee goes towards building this vital asset.

As official members, under a single roof, we give ourselves a platform to be together. Work, play and make a difference to ourselves and others at various stages of our life. An unique opportunity to blend our profession and passion. Networking and creating reciprocal arrangements. For eg., an artist could consider performing pro bono. Teachers can tutor and help establish night classes. The business workforce can pursue advertisements and sponsorships. Entrepreneurs can offer their services. As a team, launch projects to help children, youngsters and senior citizens.

We can together bring to the table, resources, contacts and much more. The opportunities are countless. From assisting with academics to life skills and extracurricular activities to providing counselling. In various fields, as choice of career, general and mental health. Managing finances, insurance and understanding Government schemes and programmes.

Our founders lived entirely for the cause of education amongst many. They partnered with this nation to build better boys and girls for a better India. Don’t you think 1964 to 2021; we have come a long way in fulfilling that dream? Let’s take up the baton and continue the race till we can handover to the generation next.

Charity begins at “home” they say. Our school was the first home away from home. We have received far more than our bill books or report cards documented. Joining the Alumni gives us an opportunity to part a drop from that accumulated wealth. Back into the ocean!

A drop in the ocean you may say – but many drops make the ocean too!