8th AGM

Notice of 8th AGM

Date: 27th September 2022 Postponed to 14th October 2022.

The 8th Annual General Meeting was scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 27th September at 3:30 pm in the Senior School Library. But, due to some unavoidable circumstances, it has been postponed to 14th October 2022 at 5:30 pm; the Venue remains the same.


  1. Welcome, call to order, and introductions.
  2. Adoption of the Agenda.
  3. Secretary’s Annual Report.
  4. Questions arising from the Annual Report.
  5. Adoption of Audited Financial Statements.
  6. Questions arising from the Audited Financial Statements.
  7. Declaration of Annual General Election Results and Distribution of Election Certificate by the Returning Officer.
  8. Oath ceremony of the new Governing Council.
  9. Handing over charge to the new Governing Council.
  10. Appointment of the Auditors.
  11. Recognition of retiring Student Member.
  12. Introduction of the new Student Member.
  13. Recognition of Teacher Member.
  14. Any other business by the permission of the Chair.
  15. Address by the President and Principal, Mr. Lionel M. Chellappa.
  16. Chair’s closing remark and vote of thanks.

Please Note:
1. Only Regular Members of the association are allowed to attend (Ex-Officio, Founding, and Life Members). Annual Members are requested to clear their dues and pay the balance of Life Membership Subscription Fee and convert their membership to Life Membership and attend the AGM.
2. One Member is Allowed 1 vote. In Case of a tie in any matter, the Vote of the Chair/President will break the tie.
3. If there is no quorum at 5:30 pm, the AGM will be adjourned for 30 mins. At 6:00 pm the AGM will re-convene even if the quorum is not there.
4. Vegetarian High-Tea will be served after the AGM.