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Past Events:

24 June 2017: 4th Annual General Meeting.

26 January 2017: Medical Camp.

07 January 2017: Annual Dinner 'Crescendo 2017.

Notice of Annual General Elections & Annual General Meeting 2017



The Annual General Election of the Assembly of God Church School (Park Street) Alumni Association will be held on Thursday, 15th June 2017 by ONLINE mode. The provisional hours of Polling are from 00:01 hours to 23:59 hours. Other information about the Election will be made available on the Notice Board of our website (, the Alumni Office Notice Board, as well as through email.

The 4th Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, 24th June 2017 at 6:00 pm in the Senior School Library. The agenda of the AGM is at the end of this notice.

The Preliminary List of qualified Voters will be put up on the Notice Board of our website and Alumni Office on 2nd June 2017. Complaint regarding inclusion or omission of any name in the list should reach the Secretary on or before 5th June 2017. The Governing Council after considering such complaints shall issue the final List of Voters on 10th June 2017.

The General Election will be held for 3 Vice-Presidents, 1 Secretary, 3 Asst. Secretaries, 1 Treasurer, 1 Asst. Treasurer and 6 Governing Council Members. The Election will be conducted by the Vice Principal as the returning officer.

Nomination Papers for Election to the Governing Council shall be received in the Alumni office from 16th May 2017 to 31st May 2017 from 2pm to 5pm. The Nomination Paper shall be signed by the Candidate himself and duly proposed and seconded by members of the Alumni Association.

The Scrutiny of Nomination Papers shall be made on Saturday, 1st June 2017 at 6.00pm by the Governing Council in presence of the candidates or their Agents, who are requested to attend.

A Candidate shall be at liberty to withdraw his name from the election by notifying of his intention to do so in writing to the undersigned not later than 10th June 2017.

Each Candidate for Election to the Governing Council shall deposit a sum of ₹ 500.00 as Security Deposit at the time of filing Nomination Papers. The Security Deposit will be forfeited if the candidate withdraws his nomination or gets less than 6 votes in the Election. The rest of the candidates will be refunded their Security Deposit after the Elections.

All who has become member of our association on or before 31st October 2016 can file Nomination for the General Elections. All those who have become members of our organisation before the issue of this notification are eligible to vote.

All Annual Members are requested to clear their dues by latest by 31st May 2017 to be eligible to vote or get nominated. All Annual Members are requested to convert their membership to life by making the balance payment.


1. Welcome, call to order and introductions.

2. Adoption of the Agenda.

3. Secretary's Annual Report.

4. Questions arising from the Annual Report.

5. Adoption of Audited Financial Statements.

6. Questions arising from the annual report.

7. Declaration of Annual General Election Results.

8. Introduction of the new Governing Council.

9. Handing over charge to the new Governing Council.

10. Appointment of the Auditors.

11. Recognition of retiring Student Member.

12. Introduction of the new Student Member.

13. Any other business by the permission of the Chair.

14. Address by the President and Principal, Mr. Victor Singh.

15. Chair's closing remark and vote of thanks.

Please note that:

· If there is no quorum till 6.00 pm, the meeting shall be adjourned for another 30 minutes. Following that, the meeting will be held and conducted irrespective of whether there is a quorum or not.

· Only members of the association are eligible to attend and participate in the meeting. No proxy attendance or voting will be allowed.

For The Assembly of God Church (Park Street) Alumni Association.

P.P.K. Mitter

( Secretary )

Mobile : +91 9830529787

Dated in Kolkata on 15th May 2017.

Download Election Nomination Form Here

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