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Past Events:

24 June 2017: 4th Annual General Meeting.

26 January 2017: Medical Camp.

07 January 2017: Annual Dinner 'Crescendo 2017.

6th Annual General Meeting 2019 - 11 May 2019

This AGM was the Postponed AGM originally scheduled to be held on 04 May 2019 due to Fani Cyclone.

The AGM was attended by:

1. Mr. Lionel M. Chellapa, President & Principal,
2. Mr. Arun Bose,
3. Mr. P. P. K. Mitter,
4. Ms. Debamitra Adhikari,
5. Mr. Surajit Kundu,
6. Mr. Shaikh Aslam Parvez,
7. Mr. Azaz Hazrat,
8. Ms. Stella Singh,
9. Sk. Ahmed Hossain,
10. Ms. Smita Toppo,
11. Ms. Aradhana Pereira,
12. Mr. Krishanu Koyal,
13. Mr. Sanjay Agrawal,
14. Mr. Arun Bose,
15. Mr. Hemant Kapoor.

6.00 pm: Meeting adjourned for 30 minutes for lack of quorum.

6.30 pm: Annual General Meeting commenced.

1. Everyone was welcomed, the meeting was called to order and new faces introduced by Mr. Hemant Kapoor, Secretary.
2. Mr. Mohammad Ariff, proposed that Mr. Arun Bose, the most senior Vice President, should Chair the meeting, to which Mr. Hemant Kapoor seconded.
3. The Chair, Mr. Arun Bose announced that this is a valid meeting.
4. The Agenda was adopted by the house.
5. Mr. Hemant Kapoor, the Secretary, read out the Secretary's Report. The house applauded when he mentioned that we have been allotted the Section 12AA Registration by the Income Tax Department.
6. Mr. Hemant Kapoor answered the quarries arising out of the Secretary's Report and the report was passed and adopted by the house.
7. Mr. Sanjay Agrawal, the Treasurer presented the Audited Financial Statements for the year 2018-19.
8. Mr. Sanjay Agrawal and Mr. Hemant answered questions arising out of the Audited Financial Statements.
9. The Result of the Annual General Election 2019 was announced by Mr. Hemant Kapoor and the Certificate of Election was distributed to the winners present.
10. The new Governing Council Members present took the oath to faithfully serve the association as a living example of the organization's philosophy and belief, and to uphold and enforce the constitution of the organization at all times.
11. The newly elected Governing Council is as follows:





Vice President

Mr. Peter Probal Kumar Mitter


Vice President

Mr. Surajit Kundu


Vice President

Ms. Debamitra Adhikari



Mr. Mohammad Ariff


Assistant Secretary

Ms. Stella Singh


Assistant Secretary

Mr. Satya N. Burnwal


Assistant Secretary

Mr. Sudip Das



Mr. Sean Alfred Peters


Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Azaz Hazrat


Governing Council Member

Mr. Huzefa Maimoon


Governing Council Member

Mr. Sujit Roy


Governing Council Member

Mr. Sheikh Parwez


Governing Council Member

Mr. Sk. Ahmed Hossain


Governing Council Member

Mr. Saugata De


Governing Council Member

Mr. Krishanu Koyal

12. The Charge of the association was formally handed over to the new Secretary, Mr. Mohammad Ariff. One set of key to the Alumni Office and the office almirah was also handed over. Other vital documents of the association will be handed over at a later date, Mr. Hemant Kapoor and Mr. Sanjay Agrawala said.
13. The present auditor was appointed as the auditor for the present year.
14. The President, the Principal Member was appraised about the nomination of Student Member and Teacher Member. Mr. Lionel M. Chellappa, the President, and Principal Member said that Ms. Rupa Pandit will continue to be the Teacher Member and he will inform the name of the Student Member shortly.
15. By the permission of the Chair, Mr. Mohammad Ariff suggested that we reduce the number of office bearers in our association in a Special General Meeting, to which the house gave a mixed response and the idea was kept aside and may be taken up in the next Annual General Meeting.
16. Mr. Lionel M. Chellappa, the Principal addressed the house and welcomed the Alumni to career counseling. He said he will promote the Alumni to the outgoing class XII students. He also appraised us on a special fundraising musical event, entitled 'Esther'.
17. Mr. Arun Bose, the Chair of the meeting gave the closing remarks and vote of thanks.

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