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Aunty Buntain is with the Heavenly Father

It is with great sadness and tremendous pride that I must post this message. My beloved mother, Huldah Buntain, passed away yesterday, 2 July 2021, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She spent her final days in the loving company of her family. She was 96 years old.

My mother continued to work tirelessly in service of those in need right up until she passed. Serving God and leaving a lasting legacy of compassion were her greatest joys. Among her final wishes was that her passion and ministry would continue.

The work that God began with my parents over six decades ago in Calcutta has spread throughout all of India and has touched thousands and thousands of people across the world.

Continuing the passion and the work has now been passed on to all of us who have been inspired by the lives and ministry of Mark and Huldah Buntain.

She wanted her website,, to be used as a vehicle to inspire others.

Over the upcoming week, communications regarding her funeral service, memorial services, and other important announcements will be posted there.

Please check her website for further information and kindly pass the site's address on to others who you know will want to share in our final goodbye.

We are grateful for your thoughts and prayers for our family and for the many people in India and around the world who are grieving her passing.

Bonnie Buntain Long


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Report on blood donation camp

The Assembly of God Church School Alumni Association held its first Blood Donation Camp on 24th September 2016.  As Agites it was our honour and privilege to be able to do this in collaboration with The Mercy Hospital, Kolkata and take up a worthy cause of creating awareness and a drive for blood donation. We have been given to understand that this is one of the many initiatives that are in the anvil for being a support to society at large.  We know that only a few city hospitals have their own blood bank and we are privileged to have one at the Mercy Hospital which works closely with our school; therefore we decided to make our efforts count in this area.

Keeping in mind, that Charity begins at home, the AGCS Alumni had taken up their philanthropic work first by building the roof of the Junior school last year and now it decided on the blood donation camp.  Since the Mercy Hospital engages in a considerable amount of charitable medical activity; especially for Thalassemia patients, this initiative was carefully thought of to assist in partnering with the cause to save precious lives.  Appeals were made to people in the city, medically eligible and willing; to confirm their participation.  Thus began a movement to donate a few drops of life and be blessed for eternity.

People from all walks of life gladly obliged and enthusiastically waited to make this event a huge success.  Personally it took me back almost 2 decades when my only bro-in-law was battling a kidney failure back in 1997-1999.  And like myself, there were countless first time donor’s.

On the day of the event we realised it was one of those many occasions we would get to show the fruits of the seed sown by our Founders, the one of love, compassion and responsibility. We urged and pledged to be there for a brighter tomorrow.
We are grateful to each and every person involved with this event.  It is only with committed donors and volunteers who came forward that we could organize and will continue to run projects such as these.

Our Alumni members and families greatly benefit from these type of large-scale activities, as they serve to bring people together, allowing us to provide an atmosphere for creating a strong sense of community, spirit and pride. Each one of  you have become an inspiration to many of our newer prospective Alumni members who we hope will one day be willing to take the torch of volunteerism and continue our efforts in the years to come.

Our hearts and minds decided to show care not just by our words but by our deeds. Thus Agite’s along with their families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances poured into the Gymnasium to “Be someone's Hero” The motto My Utmost for His Highest became an universal belief for all; as it simply meant one could give off his best for the glory of God in caring for his creation.  And what a superb day it turned out to be when friends and family irrespective of who they were partnered towards a worthy cause and answering the call of duty, the duty of extending a helping hand to save precious lives.
We are indebted to each and every donor, facilitator, contributor and benefactor of this event and also the Blood Donation Committee.  We wish to especially express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Sanjay Prasad, Rev Philip Bari,  Dr Subhash Kar, Mr T G Abraham and The Mercy Hospital and their entire Team, The Assembly Of God Church School and their Staff, AGCS Alumni Members & their families, all Agities who had actively participated for this Camp, Student volunteers of AGCS, Datri, the Blood Donation Camp Sub-Committee & the AGCS Alumni GC members for making it possible to fulfil our first dream and project for the year and making it a grand success.

My Utmost For His Highest !

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